Posting a New Thread

The PostSecret Project is a phenomenal social experiment that has turned into one of the most popular traveling art shows in current history. I think one of the reasons that it has become as popular as it is, is simply due to the fact that its an art project that was made by the people, for the people. In today’s culture there is no room for the hard facts or the truth anymore. PostSecret offers a safe, non-judgmental, place for anyone to send in their secrets. As the PostSecret project grew it became its own online community. Today the community is made up of millions of people all over the world who check the site every Sunday or more throughout the week. The PostSecret Community is an anonymous site where anyone can start a new thread or comment on a thread. Often these threads are people’s secrets, things they need advice with or simply a place for them to unload whatever is on their chest.

Anyone can become a part of the PostSecret Community all you need is a computer and access to the Internet and there are a number of ways to do so. The first of course is to make your own secret. Secrets can be anything and made with anything as long as it doesn’t get bigger than a 4-by-6 postcard. These postcards are sent to Frank Warren’s address in Maryland where they are scanned and posted each Sunday.

The second way to become part of the PostSecret Community is to make your own thread in any of the forums.

Once you have picked which one of the forums fits your secret click on that forum. For the purpose of this exercise I am going to use the Secrets of Ages 20 and Over. Now you can either begin your own thread or read through the different threads that have already been started and simply comment on something that calls to you. Keep in mind that this is a community of people who deeply care for each other, there is no judgment, no accusations, and most importantly just try to be caring and supportive.  Many of the threads that you will come in contact with are people asking for help, for advice or for someone to just let them know that they are not alone. If you comment on someone’s post please keep that in mind!

To start your own thread click on the button that says Post Topic. This will open into a screen where you can type in your secret. Once you have written your secret down or uploaded an image of your secret be sure to click on the box to indicate that you want to see replies to your secret and those replies will be emailed to you.

Commenting on Others Posts

If you don’t know where to start or if you don’t feel comfortable writing down your own secret then take a chance to look at some of the things that other people have posted. As I said earlier PostSecret is a place that people go for advice or to just vent their feelings and whatever is on their mind. Here is an example of a post that you can comment on and help make someone’s life a little better. The post I am so frustrated. I feel like no one can relate, is one of many posts on the topic of being lost and not sure of what to do in life.

Commenting on someone’s thread is extremely simple and just like creating your own thread or using the Discussion Board on Blackboard. Click on the Reply button and it will lead you to a page that is identical to the one for creating your own thread.

Again please remember that anything you say can have either a positive or negative effect on who you are replying to. This is a place to help people, not to bring them further down. Above all know that you are not alone and no matter who you are, what is going on in your life, what you have done, what your dreams are, what you fear, or what your secret is, the PostSecret Community is here for you, to help you through whatever is going on in your life.


All About PostSecret

Sunday Secrets-

The website PostSecret.com is updated every Sunday with new secrets from those that Frank has received over the week. It is impossible for him to post all of the secrets for the simple reason that there are thousands each week in his mailbox. These postcards are 4 by 6 inches are decorated in a variety of ways using magazine clippings, handwriting, art, anything. No two secrets are the same and anyone can send in a secret regardless of what that secret is.

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The PostSecret community was born out of this project and has become a global community of people who talk with each other and help each other through a host of problems. Anyone can join the PostSecret community and when you do you are brought into a group of people who are across the globe and vary in age and life experiences. The chat forum is split up into a number of different topic headings.


In the forums listed above people are able to talk to each other about a host of different issues under different subheadings. For example some of the subheadings under “Secrets of Ages 20 and Over” are, “Sitting in the emergency room with my daughter”, “Things you want to say to people” and “It hurts so much”. By going into one of these subheadings people are able to read what the author posted and comment, give advice, let them know that you are praying for them or just let them know that you have been through something similar and that they are there for you. This online community that has been born out of the chat forum as a by-product of the PostSecret project spans the globe and covers any number of topics and issues. Not only does it serve as an interesting social experiment, but it also shows that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what you are going through. The world isn’t as small as we once believed it to be and there are people out there who might not know you, but they still care about what happens to you and what you are going through.

Video Secrets-

As thousands of secrets continue to be mailed in to Frank each week another outlet for telling your secret has come about through users on YouTube. People have begun to make videos telling their secrets. These videos are set to music that is personal to its creator and helps to tell the story behind their secret. The videos also allow people with longer secrets get their secrets out without the limitation of the 4 by 6 inch postcard.

Here are some videos that can be found on YouTube…

The band All American Rejects contacted Frank Warren and asked if they could use some of the secrets he has received for their new music video for their song Dirty Little Secret. All of the secrets in this video have been sent to Frank in the last 5 years.

The following are either compilations of secrets or videos made by individuals telling their secrets.


Through its rising popularity the PostSecret project prompted a number of art exhibits and events around the country, “’PostSecret Live” is a multi-media presentation by Frank Warren, founder of PostSecret. See the postcards that were banned from the books. Hear the inspiring and funny stories behind the secrets” (PostSecret). These events take place all over the country and more often then not they are sold out within a few days of open ticket sales opening.


As the popularity and demand from fans and the growing PostSecret Community to see more the secrets grew Frank was approached by HarperCollins to publish a book of secrets. There are currently 5 books of secrets available, The Secret Lives of Men and Women, A Lifetime of Secrets, My Secret, Confessions on Life, Death and God and the original book, PostSecret.

The National Hopeline Network­-

This 24-hour suicide prevention hotline is dedicated to anyone who is thinking about suicide or knows someone who is thinking about suicide. Frank has dedicated a portion of the proceeds from each book sale to the Hopeline to help further what they do and to continue preventing suicides around the country as thousands of the secrets that Frank has received center around suicide.


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Warren, Frank. PostSecret Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives. 1st ed. New York: HarperCollins, 2005. Print.


We all have secrets, things that keep us up at night, inside jokes that make us smile to ourselves, and then there are the secrets we keep to keep others safe. Secrets can define who you are and determine how you live your life as they eat you up inside. Frank Warren, a business owner from Maryland, is a keeper of nearly 10,000 secrets, a number that is growing each day. What began as a social experiment for one man has turned into a worldwide community, an outlet for people to share secrets, 5 books, live events across the country, and a number of art exhibits as well as an outbreak of  similar PostSecret projects in other countries.

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In 2003 Frank Warren took a trip to Paris where he had a dream about three postcards that he had bought, each one had a written message on the back. When he woke up he tried to re-create those messages, beginning a project that would soon consume him. A month later in January he started the ‘reluctant oracle’ project where he created these postcards and left them in places for people to find. As different people discovered the postcards the story of their discoveries found local, national, and international media coverage. The last message read, “You will find your own answers in the secrets of strangers”(Warren, Print). And so the PostSecret program was born.


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I Dreamed a Dream

Its so hard to actually sit down and write what my dream is. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to act but reality seems to always get in the way so to have to pretend that it could actually come true… well that’s a bit like placing it right in front of my reach where it is plausible, feasible even and yet still pointing out every reason for it to never come true.


After this term, in February or March, I will go down to LA to start the process of auditioning for anything I can get. Luckily my family lives in LA and in Malibu for I would be staying with my Aunt and only have to babysit and help with my aunts company once in awhile in exchange for the room that I already have at her house. In that sense I am extremely lucky and have a head up on someone else who would have the same goal. Hopefully I would be able to find a position as a secretary or in some kind of office position with my experience working for the OSU Foundation and with my degree. If not then my aunt has a children’s theater program that I can work with until I get cast in something.

Please don’t think that I want this for fame or glory or anything like that. I love being on stage, being able to become someone else, to challenge myself and my craft. Its not about the shows either, its about the relationships and friendships that grown between the actors, crew and directors backstage. What the audience sees on stage is only a small portion of what theater, TV, movies are about. I have been extremely blessed with the people I have met through the two theaters that I am a part of. I would not have survived the last two years of college without their love and constant support.

The biggest saving problem I have is the fact that I work a school job that pays a little above minimum wage, I commute from Salem to Corvallis and the price of gas itself cuts up what little I make. My car recently died beyond repair so I have been using my parents car until I can save up enough to buy my own. I made the mistake two years ago to go volunteer in Africa, a trip that took up all of my savings and I am still struggling to make it back. Once I save up enough for a car, I am guessing I will need close to $4,000, I can move down to California and get started on my insane dream.

After reading the article How and Why to Become an Actor, something I did when I took a break from writing this, has made me reconsider a few things. For one thing I should probably try getting work in Portland first. A good friend of mine is moving down to Portland this summer and needs a roommate to help pay for the apartment so living with her for a while might be a good idea. Of course I would need to find a job in Portland, still get a car and start paying rent and utilities.

One of the main things I have noticed in my research is that everyone ways that you need to build up your resume and be read for a LOT of rejection. At least the rejection part is something that I am used to. I have auditioned at the Pentacle Theater since I was 14 and I just finished my first show there in October. One of the things I have learned from my countless auditions is that you have to go into an audition with a mix of feelings. If you go into an audition believing you won’t get it then you won’t get it but if you go in thinking you have it in the bag then you can be over confident and end up really broken down when you don’t get it. There has to be a balance between confidence and disinterest almost. As long as you know that you did your best you can’t have any regrets. Sometimes directors simply cast different people because they have a different look or their chemistry works better with the other actors being cast. “You have to do all of this knowing you’re up for a commercial that could make you $25,000 or a film role that can help get your career rolling.  There is a lot of pressure to be incredible on a moment’s notice.  The actors who tend to do the best at auditions have learned to distance themselves from being result oriented” (McKay).

Who knows what will happen in the next 10-15 years? Hopefully I will be making a decent living doing what I love. I honestly don’t know what else to do with my life aside from acting but hopefully I will be able to figure it out. That’s all part of growing up right?



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Cosmetics have been traced back to as far as the year 4,000 BC in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. These early forms of makeup were made with relatively dangerous compounds like mercury and white lead. Everyone in Egypt wore makeup regardless of class, particularly eye makeup that usually consisted of green and black powders. One such cosmetic is known as kohl, used to outline the eyes and made up of lead, copper, burned almonds, soot and a few other ingredients, In ancient Egypt eye makeup was believed to, “… have a magical role, in which the gods Horus and Ra would protect wearers against several illnesses”(Ravilious). A few of these makeup products were made with chemicals that do not occur naturally and using stone and mortar, the limited technology available at the time, would have taken a minimum of 30 days of very hard work to make. In Rome female slaves called Cosmetae would, have made these compounds, or cosmetics.


In the Middle East cosmetics were used in Persia as well as by a number of Arab tribes, although after converting to Islam they restricted cosmetic use if they were being used to disguise someone’s real looks or to cause uncontrolled desire. Although there is nothing within Islamic law outlawing the use of cosmetics it is frowned upon. One of the first to write about cosmetics was Abu al-Qssum al-Zahrawi, author of a medical encyclopedia Al-Tasrif. In the 19th volume of the 24-volume book he wrote a chapter called “The Medicine of Beauty”. Within this chapter he talks about the various perfumes, scented aromatics and incense as well as what are considered to be the beginnings of what we now use as lipstick and solid deodorant.


China and Japan are known for a number of different cosmetics. In China people were using gum Arabic, gelatin, beeswax and egg to stain their fingernails in 3000 BCE. Unlike Egypt, where cosmetic use went throughout the classes, in China colors represented different social classes. For example lower classes were forbidden from wearing bright colors on their nails. Japan, and the geisha class wore lipsticks made of crushed safflower petals that were used to paint their eyes as well as their lips. Other forms of cosmetics included, rice powder for the face, Ohaguro to color the teeth, and bintsuke wax as a base or foundation.


Over time the use of cosmetics spread to Europe and played a significant role in the aristocratic classes before spreading to the Americas to become what we now know as the cosmetics industry of the 21st century. As one of the largest moneymakers in the world the cosmetics industry brings in billions upon billions of dollars every year from the sales of cosmetics. The irony in this is that although cosmetic companies in the US offer a selection of makeup for black women they fail to offer a variety of skin tones. This is a problem that many women face when finding makeup that blends with their skin tone. Often companies have a limited amount of variety when it comes to the offered colors and this is something that women with every shade of color skin tone have to face. As the cosmetic industry continues to try and catch up to the 21st century, the use of makeup continues to change throughout the world and throughout the different classes, cultures and races of people.


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Long week…

It has been such a long week and it is still going for me! I am having a hard time finding the scientific research or information about Madam CJ Walker and it is starting to get kind of frustrating. She really is such an incredible person and its amazing what she accomplished with her life and I would really like to be able to continue doing my project on her but finding the information is getting tough! Of course to top it off I just finished a 6-day run of the show I am in so I am mentally and physically drained!

I am curious as to how to make these different pages work however. I have looked around on the site but I am not able to find the right help information to do what I want. I don’t know if that is because what I want to did isn’t possible with the websites programing or if its just because I have yet to figure it out. Then again whenever I am about to figure something out my computer crashes! Anyone know of a woman inventor who can solve the problem of how laptops heat up so fast? I know that it would make my own life a lot simpler!

I would continue writing a lot more but I am afraid that my computer is about to shut itself off from being overheated again. Thankfully it is going into the Mac store tomorrow! Now if only I could find one of Madam CJ Walker’s products to help save my hair from the damage it keeps receiving from curling irons and hairspray… what I do for the theater that I love!

I had a really hard time finding someone for the culture site. Everyone that I wanted to use was already on the “Do Not Use” list. I think the hardest thing with choosing Madam CJ Walker is going to be finding the scientific data. After reading about her and writing the biography for her I think she is a really amazing person and I am actually really interested in her. It is so rare to find someone who really has come from nothing and has been able to really conquer the world but I think she did just that. We talked in the Discussion Board about how so many women are dropping out of these scientific fields but here is a woman who found a field that wasn’t even being used yet and she took it by storm and made it her own. Not only does her story show that a single mom can make a huge difference but it also shows that success doesn’t have to limit a person to becoming simply “one of the people at the top” so to speak but rather she continued to help people try to make their own way as well.


What I found most interesting was that here was this woman who had found something that was needed, hair products and cosmetics for black women, but she also took that need and the growing market for her products and used that need to hire and educate other women to give them the same chance that she had and making the best of their lives and taking control. I think it is remarkable what she was able to accomplish in such a relatively short lifespan. Once again however I find myself exhausted from doing 5 shows back to back this weekend on top of a mountain of homework that is nowhere near done! Hopefully I will be able to survive this term! If I can accomplish half of what Madam Walker did in her life, I will be happy!