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Long week…

It has been such a long week and it is still going for me! I am having a hard time finding the scientific research or information about Madam CJ Walker and it is starting to get kind of frustrating. She really is such an incredible person and its amazing what she accomplished with her life and I would really like to be able to continue doing my project on her but finding the information is getting tough! Of course to top it off I just finished a 6-day run of the show I am in so I am mentally and physically drained!

I am curious as to how to make these different pages work however. I have looked around on the site but I am not able to find the right help information to do what I want. I don’t know if that is because what I want to did isn’t possible with the websites programing or if its just because I have yet to figure it out. Then again whenever I am about to figure something out my computer crashes! Anyone know of a woman inventor who can solve the problem of how laptops heat up so fast? I know that it would make my own life a lot simpler!

I would continue writing a lot more but I am afraid that my computer is about to shut itself off from being overheated again. Thankfully it is going into the Mac store tomorrow! Now if only I could find one of Madam CJ Walker’s products to help save my hair from the damage it keeps receiving from curling irons and hairspray… what I do for the theater that I love!


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I had a really hard time finding someone for the culture site. Everyone that I wanted to use was already on the “Do Not Use” list. I think the hardest thing with choosing Madam CJ Walker is going to be finding the scientific data. After reading about her and writing the biography for her I think she is a really amazing person and I am actually really interested in her. It is so rare to find someone who really has come from nothing and has been able to really conquer the world but I think she did just that. We talked in the Discussion Board about how so many women are dropping out of these scientific fields but here is a woman who found a field that wasn’t even being used yet and she took it by storm and made it her own. Not only does her story show that a single mom can make a huge difference but it also shows that success doesn’t have to limit a person to becoming simply “one of the people at the top” so to speak but rather she continued to help people try to make their own way as well.


What I found most interesting was that here was this woman who had found something that was needed, hair products and cosmetics for black women, but she also took that need and the growing market for her products and used that need to hire and educate other women to give them the same chance that she had and making the best of their lives and taking control. I think it is remarkable what she was able to accomplish in such a relatively short lifespan. Once again however I find myself exhausted from doing 5 shows back to back this weekend on top of a mountain of homework that is nowhere near done! Hopefully I will be able to survive this term! If I can accomplish half of what Madam Walker did in her life, I will be happy!

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First Post!

Well due to already using this site for work making a new blog wasn’t too hard to do but creating my own posts is new to me. I look forward to using this site further!

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